Jordan Jefferson and Josh Johns Arrested / Suspended Indefinitely

by Jordan Grove

Jordan Jefferson, the starting quarterback for LSU, and Josh Johns, a back-up linebacker for the Tigers, both had warrants issued for their arrest for second degree battery, which is a felony in the state of Louisiana, late Friday morning from the Baton Rouge Police Department.

The warrant stems from a bar fight that occurred exactly a week from the time of the issued warrant. Since that time there have videos of the bar being released, witness statements being documented, and pictures surfacing of the victims including the most recent – a picture of a man with a boot print in his forehead.

Nathan Fisher, the attorney representing both players, was with them when they were booked into the Baton Rouge jail.

Second degree battery carries a maximum $2,000 fine and a maximum 5 years in prison. This is the first offense for both Jefferson and Johns.

Just minutes after being booked into jail, Les Miles and LSU issued a statement declaring that Jefferson and Johns have been suspended indefinitely from the team.

Fifth year senior Jarrett Lee will now be the starting quarterback against the Oregon Ducks on September 3rd, eight days from the arrest, in the Cowboys Classic in Arlington, Texas.

Les Miles will also be meeting with the LSU Board of Supervisors at 1pm to discuss a new contract.


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