West Virginia Allegedly Denied SEC Invite, Missouri Invited But SEC Waiting On Big 12 Implosion?

by Jordan Grove

The dreams of West Virginia fans was ended today as it seems that the SEC (and ACC) have rejected West Virginia’s application to join. The news is somewhat shocking as West Virginia does offer the SEC several positives (you can find them listed here). The news came from a Big East official who was told that West Virginia’s application was denied although no official word has been released from either West Virginia or the SEC.

Following the West Virginia rejection story comes news that there are reports that the SEC wants Louisville as the 14th member.

RejectingWest Virginia for Louisville is like turning down filet mignon for hamburger steak. That’s not a knock on Louisville as it has a tremendous basketball tradition but their football prowess has diminished recently, they don’t broaden the conference’s footprint, they don’t add any new television markets, and they would share the same state as Kentucky which violates the gentleman’s agreement between SEC schools. Not to mention that if West Virginia was rejected because of academic standing then Louisville should be too since they are ranked exactly the same according to US News.

Conference realignment news moves fast and now it seems that Missouri has an offer from the SEC but the SEC is willing to wait until the Big 12 implodes. The source found in the article is a Missouri booster who has talked to a Missouri official. In essence, it’s hearsay.

However, the translation in “waiting until the Big 12 implodes” is: the SEC is willing to wait until Oklahoma and Texas officially announce their departure to the Big 12 before acting. That could mean sitting tight at 14 teams with just Texas A&M and Missouri or it could mean expanding to 16 teams with Texas A&M, Missouri, and possibly Florida State, Virginia Tech, and maybe West Virginia (there’s still a small sliver of hope).

Who knows what all will happen when all is said and done. The Big Ten has yet to make a move so far and the SEC has remained relatively quiet. Once those two start to act then all bets are off.


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