Les Miles To The NFL?

by Jordan Grove

Les to the NFL? The Mad Hatter in the professional football world?

Haven’t LSU fans heard this before from a former coach? It was seven years ago that Nick Saban, after denying several reports that he was leaving to become the next head coach for the Miami Dolphins, did just that.

Now, it’s Les Miles, LSU’s popular, eccentric, grass-eating, outlandish orator/head coach, that could be pursued by the NFL.

In a story published recently by CBSsports, there seems to be several NFL franchises interested in Miles. His ability to sustain a high level of success at a top-notch program while being able to deftly handle with the issues and intricacies of the 21st century collegiate athlete have made him an attractive choice to replace a few of the lame-duck head coaches currently in the National Football League.

The new found interest in Miles could be traced back to how his team has performed so far in this young college football season.

After dealing with several off-the-field issues including the indefinite suspension of their starting quarterback (Jordan Jefferson), a three game suspension of one of their most explosive wide receivers (Russell Shepard), and being caught up in the Willie Lyles whirlwind, LSU has exceeded almost everyone’s expectations in now being ranked #1 in the Associated Press’ latest poll.

The Tigers, who faced the most difficult September schedule in all of college football, have easily dispatched three top 25 teams in four weeks. In the process the Tigers defense has established itself as one of the two most dominant units in the NCAA while former scapegoat quarterback Jarrett Lee is making everyone reevaluate how they perceive him.

Who is at the top of this “damn strong football team”? Les Miles.

According to the CBSsports story, one NFL team executive said that Les is the most intriguing coaching prospect I’ve seen in a long time”. That shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Questions do linger, though, of a Miles transition to the NFL. His clock-management is some of the most perplexing in all of the NFL and NCAA combined and would make Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid look like a master of managing the clock. Also, how would Les take to eating field turf?




Not only that but Miles turns 58 in November. A change of scenery to one of, if not, the most stressful jobs in sports is not what people plan to do once they start approaching retirement age.

Could Les be leaving for the NFL? Well, anything is possible, but he has already turned down his beloved alma-mater (Michigan) when they were in pursuit of him. Miles is also one of the highest paid head coaches in college football and makes a salary that most NFL coaches could only dream of.

Anything could happen with the Mad Hatter but, if history is any indication, he would just tell all of his NFL seducers to kiss his grass and “have a great day”. 


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Amateur sports writer in Baton Rouge, La that concentrates on LSU, the SEC, New Orleans Saints, NFC South, New Orleans Hornets and stories from around college football, the NFL, NBA, and more. Co-host of The NOLA Rundown and contributor to SaturdayNightSlant.com
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